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I believe that two souls divinely unite in a unique process of co-creation when we work together

Who is Lolitaire T Healey
(aka Loli)

I am a double Certified Transformational Life & Wellness Coach, and Registered Osteopath who believes in purpose and impact-led women stepping into their full potential, reclaiming their power achieving success on their terms.

My mission is to help women develop a deep, unwavering knowing of their self-worth & step in their M.A.G.I.C---> meaning & momentum, authenicity & alignment, gifting & genius, identity & influence, confidence & courage.

I've been where you are...

You are enough

I was born and grew up in the capital city of Zimbabwe as the oldest of 3 children, and though it was never said to me, from a young age I always felt like my true self was 'too much' and never felt 'enough'. For as long as I can remember, I played small and now realize I lived with ongoing low-level anxiety  all through my childhood.

Through my teen years and well into my 20s I played the 'responsible & caring oldest daughter' role, always caring for and considering others. I was often viewed as a role model for those younger than me, for my intelligence and how I presented myself.

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However there was something nobody knew- and that was that inside I did not feel that I mattered and viewed everyone else as being more important than me (i.e not much sense of self-worth). So much so, that when I saw a counsellor at age 18 to support me around some family issues, the counsellor suspected I had an inferiority complex.

I was always told I had potential, and never have been the kind of person to take the beaten track. I have always followed my own path. I believed I had potential and that I was meant for more, but self-doubt, low self-worth and imposter syndrome plagued me at every turn. Even when I succeeded and was put in leadership roles, I told myself it was a fluke and I did not deserve it.

I was 'successful' by many other measures. But inside was a hurt little girl who felt there was something inherently flawed and lacking in her, and who felt like she had zero control of her life.

You have potential

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I want the same for you

This was until I found personal development, healing & coaching, which started to transform me from the inside out. I went through a process of rewriting limiting beliefs and narratives, discovering and reclaiming my power, standing in my strengths & giftings, healing from past traumas & experiences, and coming to a deep knowing of my inherent worth- and I want this for you too!

Personal development & coaching is the reason I am where I am today, running my own Osteopathy practice and coaching business. Younger me would not believe it!

Now, I know I am whole & worthy. I know that I am a powerful creator (we all are!). I know that my voice matters. I know that my mission matters. I know that my desires matter.

Over the last 4years I have honed my coaching process & methodology from my start as a Health Coach, to my evolution as a Life Coach. A process which helps women achieve their definition of success and make an impact through reconnecting to their true selves, reframing their story, releasing self-doubt, building self-trust, and stepping into their power with confidence.

It would be an honour to co-create your next-level life with you. 

Now is your time for...


My Signature Coaching Methodology

A unique blend of mindset, healing, wellness, somatics, life story work & transformational life coaching
Methodology infographic (1).png

I believe you have the power to create your dream life & success on your terms

We don't have control of very much in this life, but when you heal, optimize and up-level in what you DO have control in- everything changes!

Your ambition is your gift.

Your purpose & mission are steeped in the divine

You get to choose to be BOLD & TENACIOUS enough to step into MORE

Rewind the clock...








Graduated with an Integrated Masters in Osteopathy at the prestigious Eurpoean School of Osteopathy in Kent, UK

Self-doubt and imposter syndrome crippling me

Working as an Osteopath in a busy private practice in New Zealand

Reached burn out which was very confusing because I enjoyed my work and my patients

Had started health coaching patients around chronic pain, stress management & gut health concepts

Pandemic hit.

Feeling like I wanted to do more and gain the skills to change my clients lives.

Decided to get my coaching qualifications

My personal development journey began as I studied for my double certifications in Health Coaching & Life Coaching.

Developing the foundations of my coaching craft & style through study, mentorship & personal experience

Double certified in Health & Life coaching.

Moved to London and married my amazing now-huband.

A time of challenge and expansion.

More personal development & growth, really difficult mental health struggles I had never experienced before.

Feeling I was meant for more

Saying yes to myself and my purpose & calling.

Stepping out of my comfort zone- betting on myself

Biggest investment in myself & business through coaching which led to a MASSIVE level up personally, in business & professionally. Time of deep healing, transformation, increased self-worth & emotional freedom.

Going all in with my coaching business and fiercely holding-on to my mission. To help women achieve success on their own terms and step into their M.A.G.I.C from a place of internal mastery & unwavering knowing of their inherent worth. 

I want the very best for you...

I stand for...

Why me? (aka the credentials!)

I m a Certified & Qualified Coach

I hold Life Coach, Health Coach and Trauma-informed Coach Certifications

I am a meditation Teacher and Life Story Coach in training

I take my proficiency & skills seriously. This is your LIFE we are talking about!

I have been where you are

I have my own story of realizing my worth, building my confidence, standing in power, and being courageous enough to make an impact through my mission and work to achieve MY version of success- and the story continues!

I now run my own Osteopathy practice where I infuse coaching & trauma-informed care, as well as running my coaching business. 

My Approach is unique & wholistic

My unique combination of mindset, somatics, positive psychology & values-based coaching facilitates deep transformation in all aspects of life, business and work

My clients are both surpised by and enjoy my warm, intuitive, cut-to-the-core style, which is facilitated in a safe & supportive space I have a natural ability to hold.

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Coming soon...

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