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Cancellation Policy

We operate a 24-hour cancellation policy.

If you can no longer make your in-person or online appointment, please provide at least 24 hours notice from the time of your appointment by contacting us via email ( We kindly ask all clients to respect this policy so we can continue to provide a high-quality service, allow others waiting to fill the sessions & respect other therapists and clients who may need the room.

For late cancellations, late requests to change the appointment time, or for non-attendance, there will be a £30 fee. 


For in-person appointments

If you are late arriving for your appointment, the time for the consultation will be reduced accordingly. There will be no corresponding reduction or refund in the fee. Note that late arrivals more than 20 minutes after the allotted clinic time may be treated as non-attendance.

We reserve the right to refuse requests for refunds if within 24 hours of the appointment or after the appointment has taken place.

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