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Lolitaire T Healey Coaching & Osteopathy

In-person and virtual
Coaching & Osteopathy services 

What could open up for you, if you were to experience healing, feel empowered in your body, and transform your life?

What about if you reached your full potential?


My name is Lolitaire Healey (or Loli), and I am a Women's Wellness & Transformational Life Coach.

My practice and coaching is wholistic, empowering, transformative, and trauma-informed.

YOU are your greatest asset!

I would be honoured to support you on your journey of healing, to empowerment and transformation.

Step out of the shadows, realise your POWER, release your POTENTIAL, step into your MAGIC.

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Who I work with...

I help and coach ambitious, high-achieving women to feel good in their bodies, stop playing small, and reach their full potential by mastering stress, finding inner peace, and increasing their vitality.​




Trauma-Informed Care in Osteopathy & Wellnss Coaching

What is trauma-informed care & coaching?

Trauma-informed care is an approach to healthcare that emphasizes the recognition and understanding of the impact of trauma on a person's life, and integrates this understanding into all aspects of healing and recovery. Trauma-informed care acknowledges that individuals who have experienced trauma may have complex needs and may require specialized support and treatment.

The basic principles of trauma-informed care include creating a safe and supportive environment, empowering individuals to make choices and take control of their treatment, recognizing the signs of trauma and its impact on the body and behaviour, and promoting resilience and recovery. This approach is particularly important for individuals who have experienced traumatic events such as abuse, neglect, violence, or other forms of trauma that may affect their physical and emotional well-being- particularly in the recovery of chronic pain.

Not sure of your next steps?

Let's Connect!

If you want to make sure you're doing everything in your power to OVERCOME your stubborn pain, DISCOVER your calm and FUEL your vitality...Grab a spot on my calendar so we can talk it through.

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