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RISE Signature 1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching for ambitious, purpose-led woman entrepreneurs, leaders & service-providers who are ready to take their life, business & work to the next level, from a place of deep self-worth, inner resilience & self-trust


We unite in co-creation as a powerful pair to help you reclaim your power, reach your full potential and RISE

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You’re an incredible entrepreneur, service-provider or leader, who believes in leading with your heart, and making a difference...

You’ve been doing the work- healing, managing fear, trying to overcome self-doubt.


You’ve made progress but you know there’s more for you.


More abundance. More peace. More impact. More influence.

You are on the cusp of a massive up-level. You can just feel it.

Its both scary and activating at the same time-but you know your next level is calling.

Whether it be starting your business, scaling your business, going for a promotion, changing career, starting that new venture, or building that side-hustle

It's not that you are completely unhappy with where you are..

You're actually probably relatively successful by many people's standards

However you often find yourself wishing you could just snap your fingers and get rid of the self-doubt and the fear that stops you. You wish you could somehow magically learn how to advocate for your worth & your boundaries in your work & your relationships.

Despite your achievements and accolades, you still experience imposter syndrome and struggle to feel deserving of where you are.


You wish you could feel more certain in your worth and therefore have more confidence. Because for you its about more than just the monetary success (though this 100% matters). For you its about mission, impact, and making a difference. Its about leaving a legacy.


You feel the pull to make more of a difference and show up as more of a leader, and an agent for change and impact. To live a life of influence- but you don't quite have the clarity on what that could look like


You recognize that you need to do some of the inner work to step into and sustain your next level.


You’re tired of feeling stuck because you feel like you are stepping on the gas and the break at the same time- with fear and self-doubt pulling in the opposite direction of your desires.

OR maybe you have all the self-awareness about what's holding you back and keeping you small but you don't know how to truly facilitate and embody the change that will transform your life

You are ready to do what it takes to change your current reality & break out of the endless funk


It's your time to step out of the shadows, and into your M.A.G.I.C!™


Meaning & Momentum

Authenticity & Alignment

Gifting & Genius

Identity & Influence

Confidence & Courage

What if your next level is closer than you realized?
What if you allowed yourself to be supported instead of doing it alone?

What if instead you could feel like this:

  • Waking up every morning with joy & peace in your heart, knowing that you are living a purposeful life by design, having healed from past hurt


  • Scaling your business to your next income level because fear and self-doubt don’t hold you back anymore


  • Courageously starting that business or new venture with less resistance because you have gained clarity and built the mindset& self-trust to do it


  • You become more influential & effective in your work because of a deep knowing of who you are and your worth


  • Learning to master fear, show up courageously, and make yourself your own place of safety, so you feel supported in your nervous system.

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Well, I'm here to tell you- this is possible for you


All it takes is going on a journey of self-discovery of self-love, understanding your self-worth & learning self-leadership

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The RISE 1:1 Journey

An intimate container with built-in loving accountability



Get clear & connect to the vision & mission that lights you up and activates you on a cell level



Reconnect to your true authentic self, Your purpose, strengths & values.

Say yes to yourself



Release limiting beliefs & social conditioning. Understand and identify how your life & family story have you brought you to this point.

Heal & release what no longer serves you



Elevate your mindset, self-worth, confidence & intuition. 

Elevate into abundance, receiving and attracting



Take empowered, aligned action that catapults you to success, from a new found sense of self-worth, confidence, unshakeable mindset and healing



Receive, embody & enjoy your success, dream life, impact, joy & fulfillment.

In this programme, I use a unique blend of mindset, trauma-informed healing, life story work & transformational life coaching for fast-tracked personal growth & connection to your inner genius- to create the life and impact you have always dreamed of...
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Neat Computer Desk
10 x 75 minute 1-to-1 Coaching Calls


These calls are the cornerstone of our 1:1 work together. Picture intimate, valuable time together in a safe container where you can show up just as you are. 

We will go through the powerful 6-step process and you will be given integration work (aka homework) between most sessions to anchor the change.

What's included?

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Telegram Coaching in your Pocket


'Coaching-in-your-pocket' chat access directly to me on Telegram Monday-Thursday every week. My support is literally available to you in your pocket. So if you are feeling stuck in the week between calls, you feel supported. 

Adult Students
BONUS workbooks, audios & resources as you need


I strategically & intuitively share resources with you that will support the work we are doing together. I have an extensIve resource library I pull from as and when needed, to complement your journey

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Weekly Check-Ins


Every Friday we have a weekly check-in. This is for loving-accountability and to ensure consolidation and embodiment of the work. This way we are always on the same page.

1:1 Client

The investment is more than worth it. Loli you have helped me change my life 💜

Let me level with you...
The RISE Signature Programme is not for everyone


If you are ready to take ownership of your life and claim your power to fuel your success

You are passionate about your mission and making a difference

If you know the value of investing in yourself and that it's necessary to reach your next level

You are ready to take action and stop sitting on your potential

If you aren't ready to take responsibility and do the work towards your success on your terms

If you are happy where you are and don't feel the need to grow or evolve right now

If you don't see the value in investing in yourself

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Hello you beautiful soul, 

I'm Lolitaire Healey

Transformational Life & Wellness Coach, Osteopath & Speaker

A woman deeply passionate about women developing a deep, unwavering knowing of their worth and living in the overflow & abundance of this knowledge.

Personal healing, personal development, breaking generational patterns, living a life of influence & leaving a legacy are values that absolutely light me up.

You've come a long way from where you started- and that's amazing!

But you know you have the potential to not just grow- but Soar!

Your voice & your dreams matter

The way I see it, you have a choice

Stay Put...

...or take a leap & RISE

Stay stuck and keep reading the books, listenign to the podcasts and doign the journalling alone- slowly getting where you want to

You fast-track your growth and developement so you can start doing mroe fo what you are called to do- less the frustration & irritation of potential unrealised

Application Process

It's really important to me that we explore if we are a good fit to work together. 1:1 coaching is an intimate and highly supportive journey- in all the best ways!

The application process supports and aids in informing the decision to work together for both of us. The complimentary Discovery Call is where you get to ask me any questions. I will then clarify if the programme could be a good fit and illustrate my guidance for you based on the information you would have provided. If I believe it is, I will offer you an exclusive space in the programme and guide you through the onboarding process.

If not, I will explain why and suggest another coach or resource to support your journey. I won't leave you hanging!


Click the button below and fill out an application form


When I have received your application, you will be invited to a COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Call


Add the call to your diary, and bring any questions you might have


We will meet for the call and explore if we are a good fit. 
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You are more POWERFUL than you know!

I look forward to meeting you & exploring CO-CREATING your success & impact through 1:1 Coaching

Lolitaire .xx

Let's connect on socials...!

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