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-with Lolitaire T Healey-

Thursday 29 February 6:30pm GMT

This is an invitation... nurture the most important relationship you have...


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Join a group of like-minded, impact-led women as we tune into the energy of love...

In so many instances, we have been conditioned to do it alone, so you are invited to lean into the healing power and support of a group of women with the same goal & desire

We will tune into true love... not the watered-down version of self-love that the media perpetuates. The kind of self-love that nurtures deep connection & opens your heart to receiving your success & giving from the overflow

Why is self-love important as ambitious, impact-led women?

Because I believe the world needs more heart-led women leveraging wealth & influence for good. 

Because its about being whole, full spectrum beings- who have the capacity to lead and carry their personal purpose & vision. 

Being a woman who embraces their greatness

Becoming 'Self-LOVED' is one of the identity shifts required. This is the inner work!

Together we will cover:

This experience has the potential to completely transform how you feel about yourself internally, and your contribution to this world

Meaning better relationships, personally & professionally

Understanding & advocating for your worth

Feeling safe to show up authentically in your life & work

The world doesn't need photocopies or watered down versions of other people

Right now, the world needs HEART-LED women who will speak up, lean into vision, & change the trajectory of families and communities

It needs code-breakers..

It needs empowered women to leverage inner & outer wealth, and serve in their zone of genius.

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This is a place to come fill your cup

An opportunity to release & shake off the past hurts that have been weighing you down

To deeply connect to your true inner self

To fully embrace your inner radiance & genius

This is experience is going to completely change the relationship you have with your self


Replays are available for 48 hours after the event if you can't join us LIVE, and, I invite you to make time to show up live on the day.

This experience will be hosted in a Private Zoom room with other attendees

You also will receive a BONUS! The 14-day self-love journal & affirmations

You also have the option to join VIP for a private group coaching call with Lolitaire and other VIP attendees. Just sign up & you will receive more information

Finally, if you share this event with another woman and send us proof, you will be entered in the giveaway and stand a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes

Imagine this:

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RISE & SELFLOVEDLogo (6).png
RISE & SELFLOVEDLogo (6).png
RISE & SELFLOVEDLogo (6).png

Feeling more inner peace because you have experienced & learnt how to love on yourself & embrace self-compassion

Going through the ups & downs of life & work, with a knowing that no matter what happens or doesn't happen- you matter & you are worthy. Say goodbye to the constant self-doubt & self-judgement

Healing & releasing past hurt & stories that have held you back knowingly, and unknowingly.

Going back to your work & life with a FULL CUP of self-belief & self-love

Transformation Life Coach, Osteopath, wife, daughter, friend, advocate for women making a change, music-lover

Presented by Lolitaire (Loli) Healey



I'm Lolitaire, and my mission is to support women to achieve emotional freedom & wealth freedom by building inner mastery & their self-worth so they can achieve success on their own terms!

I am passionate about equipping impact-led, and heart-led women businessowners, leaders and professionals to make an impact and step into their full power & brilliance

My work is based on my personal journey and my skills and capabilities as an Accredited Coach & Registered Osteopath. The way I work is very holistic.  

My unique combination of mindset, somatics, healing, positive psychology & values-based coaching facilitates deep transformation in all aspects of life, business and work.

My clients are both surpised by and enjoy my warm, intuitive, cut-to-the-core style, which is facilitated in a safe & supportive space I have a natural ability to hold.

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Hear from past online event attendees

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-with Lolitaire T Healey-

Thursday 29 February 6:30pm GMT



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